Gregor Gillespie is a UFC fighter who has earned himself the reputation of a brilliant and strong athlete and a record of 3-0 in the American promotion.

Gregor “The Gift” Gillespie (10-0) has surely caught fans’ and insiders’ attention. The first reason is he has kept his career record perfect. The second reason is his killer instict, ask Andrew Holbrook and Jason Gonzalez for further information. The third one, his last thrilling victory at UFC Fight Night 116, which earned Gillespie and Gonzalez the bonus of Fight of the Night

Here are 8 questions we asked Gregor Gillespie (while he was fishing) in order to better know him.

Could you tell to our readers when did you take on mma? Did you have already a background in combat sports?

I wrestled my whole life and started to train to fight when I was 25.

Where does your nickname come from?

I’m a pleasure to be around.

What are your motivations? Why do you fight?

I fight because I’m good at it. My motivation is winning.

What was your gameplan entering the last bout?

I focus on what I do best.

Your last performance was amazing, but were you surprised about something coming from your opponent?

He didn’t have much time to surprise me with anything.

What are your ambitions in the lightweight division? Would you like to send a message to the other lightweights?

To be champion. My message is that I am the best fisherman in mma.

Is there anyone who you would like to fight?

There’s 150 guys in my weight class, so no one in particular.

Will we see you fight again this year?

I have to heal up a little, get some fishing in and see what the best option will be for me.

Tudor Leonte

Alla perenne rincorsa del tesserino da giornalista pubblicista, ho scritto di MMA per alcune testate giornalistiche italiane e altri siti del settore. Al momento collaboro con Scrivo cose, intervisto gente, mi diverto.

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