After his impressive first round KO at UFC on FOX 26 against Ricardo Lamas we had the pleasure to interview Josh Emmett exclusive for

Emmett (13-1) speaks openly about his performance, the short notiche call and the following problem with the weight cut, and about his future making also an open call out.

Your performance was really impressive, even more considering that you had an advice of only two weeks. Have you ever thought to turn down the offer or you never had doubts since you got the call?

I’m always in great shape and these are the opportunities that I’ve wanted since I got into the sport. Ricardo Lamas is a though opponent, one of the best in the world, but I think I’m one of the best too so this was the opportunity that i needed in order to showcase my skills and to show to the fans and everyone around the world that I belong at this level and I’m one of the best, and I think that I was able to do that on December 16.

Do you know if you were the first pick of the promotion to replace Aldo?

When Aldo was moved to fight Max Holloway because of Frankie’s injury they asked everybody in the top 15 to fight Lamas. And everybody said no, beacuse not only the fight was in two weeks but also Lamas is a though fighter. They asked almost everybody but I was one of the only people that accepted. That grew my confidence and made me proud because I felt comfortable but Sean Shealby was comfortable too to me fight Lamas. If everyone that was ranked said yes I would not have that opportunity. But I think that everything happen for a reason and I fell blessed.

The only negative side was that you missed weight. Can you explain your problem with the cut?

It was really disappointing to me that I didn’t make the weight. It was the first time in my life since my wrestling fights when I was a kid, I always made weight in my amateur and pro fights. But I think that I payed the price for that, normally when you miss weight the 20% of your purse, I had to give him 30%, I missed the 50k bonus for the knockout of the fight. It was a short notice call, I came in a little heavier but I had only a two-weeks training and I could only train as hard as I could. It won’t happen again. Now I know that I cannot take short notice-call fight, I need at least four weeks. I don’t have problem with the weight, I fought 7 weeks earlier in Poland, I made weight and I felt phenomenal making also a record being the first man to score 4 knockdowns in a single round. I missed the weight by 2,5 pounds but that doesn’t affect the fight, I will still win the fight. But it won’t happen again and I apologize to everybody.

Can you explain why did you have to give him 30% of your purse instead of the regualar 20%?

It was the Lamas’s camp and his manager, I think that after the weigh in they don’t want the fight and so UFC gave him a better deal to accept the fight and they decide to gave him the 30%. And also we were in Canada so we had more taxes and I lost a lots of money for only 2,5 pounds.

In your plan, will you continue fighting in the featherweight division or are you planning to go back at 155?

I plan to stay at 145. I just need a little longer time. I leaned that I can’t make it with two weeks notice. Anyway if I had 5 more hours or one more day I wanna made the weight. So I’m gonna stay at featherweight and I will be the world champion. I just can’t take short notice fight. I need at least a month to make the weight but I feel confortable at 145.

What do you think that could be next for you, after that you beat the number 3 of the ranking in such a dominant way?

I think that the things that make most sense, with Max Holloway that is gonna fight Frankie Edgar for the title, is Brian Ortega. He had a lot of hype behind him and he’s coming off to a big win such as me. So I think we need to fight for the number 1 contender spot and the winner will take the winner of Holloway vs Edgar.

Have you already planned a date for your return in the octagon or do you want to take some time off?

Right now I want to spend some holiday with my wife and my family but in April or May I want to fight again. Whenever the UFC want in spring I would be ready.

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